Are Bed Bugs Visible?

In the morning we feel itchy and try to guess what is causing it. Bed bugs may likely be the cause. Some people who experience bites think that they are suffering from some kind of allergic reaction. Incomplete cleaning of bedding is among the leading reasons that infestations grow so quickly. But how do we know where to find them? Are we able to actually see them?

Bed Bugs:  What Schools Need to KnowLuckily the good news is that bed bugs are visible. We hardly ever see them because they usually are active in the dark. During the night, they will climb onto a body and feed on human blood. If disturbed, they will normally move quickly to find a dark area. During the day, the bugs can be found in the crevices or folds of a mattress. Their eggs are difficult to spot despite looking like grains of salt. These parasites are about 5 millimeters (1/4 inch) long and are brown in color. They are usually confused with dust mites. Dust mites are not visible to the naked eye. Vacuuming your bedding regularly can reduce the number of these vampire bugs that are living in your bed.
Bed bugs can be seen better if viewed under a magnifying lens. Yet, they are hard to see with the naked eye since they avoid well-lit areas. What also makes them hard to see is the fact that bed bugs have flat bodies. Younger ones, called nymphs, are smaller lighter color and very hard to see. If you are familiar with the areas where they hide, odds are you have a better chance of seeing them. If you can’t see them, you can also spot their signs such as shed skin, blood spots on bed sheets, and even dark spots of excrement. Perhaps the best time to see these bugs is during the pre-dawn hours while it is still dark. At that time, shine a light near an area where they are believed to be present.

Bed bugs are tiny but they can be exterminated. If you know where they are hiding, then you have a better chance of getting rid of them. While this may not be the permanent solution to the problem, it’s better to be prepared the next time you discover a bedbug infestation. While exterminator services can be expensive, there are other ways to kill off these bugs such as using various cleaning chemicals such as Lysol or commercially available sprays.

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  1. ray ban pas cher says:

    My husband bourhgt bed bugs home in his luggage from a Comfort Inn hotel. He was bitten but got hives instead of bug bite marks, so it took us some time to realize they were bed bugs. We hired an exterminator to treat our furniture, carpets, outlets, etc. We were instructed to remove everything but furniture from the second floor of our home, bag it tightly, wash all clothing in hot water and dry on high heat. The extermination was $700 for 3 treatments one week apart. We have had second treatment and are still being bitten. We take our bed apart every morning and find them in the wooden slats where the bed side rails connect. Turned our furniture on it’s side and found them in the legs and small spaces under the furniture. Harris Bed Bug killer from Ace Hdwe. works on contact, but not to eliminate completely. Purchased a Shark steamer to steam edges of carpet, blinds and bed mattresses / boxsprings. Definitely worth purchasing ($80 at Walmart) because it gets in small spaces and kills them instantly. Purchased carpet steamer to clean carpets which killed some also. Purchased sealed mattress/boxspring covers. Most effective was this weekend when we sealed off our bedroom, turned on the heat, and placed many heaters in room to temp. of 115 for 2 hours. Monitored heaters every 15 min. for fear of fire. Found dead bed bug nymphs and adults and this temperature which also kill eggs. Didn’t get bitten that night. We are now doing same to all bedrooms and bathrooms on 2nd floor. Good luck to all this has been a nightmare for our family.

  2. mother in need says:

    I moved into my apartment 2 weeks ago and found it inetesfd with bed bugs. Now the landlord wont let me out of my lease and is making accusations I brought them with me. I never seen a bed bug until I moved here ans have over 100 bites on my body. I have 3 children which arent getting bit just me, of course I would rather it be me than my children. I dont know what to do or how to get out of this situation. PLEASE HELP.

    • says:

      I hate to say that many landlords take a similar position re bed bugs (so they don’t have to pay for exterminator). What they don’t realize is that leaving it to a tenant to solve could cause building-wide problems. Then it will be super expensive to fix.
      Don’t delay call an exterminator!

  3. ronny says:

    I was sold a used bed with used mattresses ifesetnd with these bugs after a week of itching torture I was wondering what in the wod was going on.. I thought hives .. Eggs and bug feces are all over this frame and mattress .. The manager is insisting they sprayed the mattress .. But what they are unaware of is they can live in the wood as well which is the case for me I am going to sue .. If people feel competent enough to run a businessSelling used furinture and mattresses.. They should understand how one wrong move can ruin a life and turn sleeping into a nightmare .. I now can’t sleep .. I am covered in bites .. This is the worst nightmare to ever have to wake up to and have to live :-( I am scarred for life .. Can’t even eat cause I still feel them crawling .. So gross such misery..

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